Bucket List

Below I’ve included my bucket list.  It will most likely change often! The ones that are completed are hyperlinked to the original post.

1. Invent a board game

2. Learn to salsa dance

3. Swim in all of the Great Lakes

4. Learn conversational Spanish

5. Learn to tap dance

6. Go on a cruise

7. Ride in a hot air balloon

8. Drive all of Rt 66

9. Swim with dolphins

10. Visit the Grand Canyon

11.Visit Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California

12. Visit Australia

13. Visit Niagara Falls

14. Walk the Great Wall of China

15. Climb the Seattle Space Needle

16. Visit Hearst Castle in California

17. Learn to sculpt

18. Take up jewelry making

19. Sell a drawing on Etsy.com

20. Sell a piece of jewelry on Etsy.com

21. Read every book that has won a Pulitzer Price in Fiction

22. Have a positive net worth

23. Sleep in a castle

24. Take up Tai Chi

25. Become a freelance writer

26. Invent something

27. Write a book

28. See a Cirque du Soleil show

29. Stay in an ice hotel.

30. Buy my first home.

31. Throw a dart at a map and travel whenever it lands.

32. Eat only bacon for an entire day.

33. Grow a garden.


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