The Message of Water

Watch the video below (it’s short!) from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?

The Message of Water

Did the last line of the clip hit you as hard as it did me?

If our thoughts are able to change the very structure of water, imagine what they do to our physical bodies (which are made up of so much water!) and to our mind.

Studies show that when you think a certain way (let’s say negatively), the more you do it, the more neural pathways form for thoughts of that nature.  This makes it easier to create these types of thoughts in the mind time and time again.  So, guess what?  If you’re telling yourself “you’re ugly,” the next time you look in the mirror, your brain will already be trained to go there again!  So, you’ll reinforce your negative self-image.  It makes you wonder what else your negative thinking affects, doesn’t it?

Most of us have trained our brains to think this way, whether it be about ourselves or the world around us or both!  Ever been talking to people and realize that everything that’s coming out of your mouth is negative?  I have! Sure, you can blame it on your bad mood, lack of sleep, etc….but in the chicken and the egg debate, thoughts can affect mood first (and mood can affect thoughts…it’s an endless cycle!).

So, now what?  How do we stop the negativity!?  FORCE IT!  They say it takes 30 days to make something a habit.  Ever tried making something a habit?  Many of us have tried this with exercise.  What happens the first few days?  Well, I know with me I have to DRAG myself to the gym!  I don’t want to go and usually need the motivation of candy or bad TV as reward.  But by day 25, I get up and go automatically.

Same thing with positive thinking!  It does NOT come naturally!

And here’s the challenge.  You need to flip those automatic negative thoughts for awhile until the positive ones become second nature.


Your boss calls you into his/her office and tells you that your grasp of Microsoft Excel needs a little work.  He/she would like you to take a class on it.

Your initial reaction: I’m going to get fired! I must be such a terrible worker if I need a class. How embarrassing!  I’m so dumb.  Nobody else here needs a class.  I’m the stupidest person in this whole office.

How can we make a mental flip?

Your revised reaction: Wow! This is a great opportunity! I’m going to be able to learn more about the program to help me at work, and I can put my training on my resume! My boss must think I’m a valuable member of the team if he/she wants me to enhance my knowledge.

See the difference in the viewpoints of the same situation?

I bet the first one was the natural one, huh?  But the other one makes sense, too AND leaves you feeling content rather than upset (which can ruin your whole day!)

So, my challenge to myself: Flip every negative thought I have in the next week!  After I’m done, I’ll write my results.

Anyone else up for the challenge? 🙂

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